Santa Teresa Gallura

The most beautiful beaches, as recommended by us

Here are, in our opinion and our customers’ opinion, some of the most beautiful beaches to visit during your stay in Santa Teresa.

Rena Bianca

Just a short walk from the hotel is the beach of Santa Teresa, as well as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gallura area. At the northern most point of Sardinia, and only 12km from Bonifacio (Corsica), the white sand (‘rena’ in Sardinian) is fine and provides the perfect setting for the turquoise waters and pinkish reflections.

The clear water and the low seabed make it ideal for children. Rena Bianca can be visited for free, but is also equipped (external service, contact us for information) so it can meet your every comfort need; it’s possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and grab something to eat in the cafeterias.

Capo Testa (Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante)

These two beaches are characterised by their sandy coastlines with rocky caves and typical Mediterranean scrub. They have crystal clear, turquoise waters and are completely sheltered from the northern (Tramontana), north-eastern (Grecale), eastern (Levante) and south-eastern (Scirocco) winds. This is where the ships used to depart from in Roman times, laden with granite blocks destined for the great works in the capital, and you can still see the road layouts used by the Romans along the rocky ridge, on the right hand side of the beach. It’s possible to hire umbrellas, sun loungers, dinghies, pedalos, etc.

La Marmorata

The town of Marmorata is recognised by its long stretch of white, fine sand. There are two beaches, the first smaller beach which is called La Laurina (Marmoratina) is almost exclusively used by the residence. The second is called La Marmorata, which is much bigger and offers the option of mooring small boats. The beach delicately emerges from the emerald green waters, where you can find refuge against the sun and heat. Ideal for families with children, the beach of Marmorata is a picturesque setting. At both beaches it is possible to hire sun loungers and umbrellas, pedalos and canoes. There are also some water games available for children at the beach of Marmorata.

Rena Majore

Pearl of the Aglientu region, and only 8km from Santa Teresa Gallura, Rena Majore beach is unforgettable with its long stretch of pure white and fine sand. It’s the large size of its sandy shore that makes it so welcoming and quiet, even during busy periods. Your eyes will marvel at the sight of the beautiful sandy dunes, and you can find refuge in the shade of the umbrellas and luxuriant pine grove. The beach has some equipment, and it’s possible to hire sun loungers, umbrellas and floats to help you relax and enjoy your time at the beach.

Valle dell’Erica Beach

The Valle dell’Erica beach in Santa Teresa di Gallura is located around 15km from the centre of Santa Teresa, in the direction of Palau 133 highway. It’s a truly beautiful beach, picturesque and breathtaking, where you can enjoy a view of the isle of Spargi, stretching up to Punta Sardegna and with the La Maddalena archipelago in the background. The coastline is sandy, formed from tiny granite pellets, with massive rocks polished by the wind, amongst which small, natural rock pools often form. The sea is transparent and crystal clear, and numerous rocks emerge from the seabed and waters, which makes the view even more picturesque.

Entrance is normally free, and it’s ideal for those who like peace and quiet.

Conca Verde

This beach takes its name from the town where it’s located and forms part of the Santa Teresa Gallura region. It’s easy to get to if you follow the highway to Palau. The beach of Conca Verde is noted for its thick Mediterranean scrub and for the trees which surround it, where you can spend some of the hotter hours in the shade.   The sands are golden and lead down to the sea, which is nearly always calm and characterised by the cliffs.

You can hire sun loungers, umbrellas, pedalos and floats, which you can use to tour the nearby coves. N.B.: Conca Verde is also sheltered from the maestrale wind!