The itineraries that we propose are designed to help you discover the surroundings.

You can admire Nuragic sites, the coasts of Santa Teresa Gallura, the Maddalena archipelago up to Corsica, sailing between hidden bays, sea caves and breathtaking cliffs.

An organized excursion will enable you to appreciate hidden corners and fully experience the beauty of northern Sardinia.

Nuragic site Lu Brandali

The @cooltourgallura guides who manage the archaeological site of Lu Brandali and the Tower of Longonsardo will tell you fascinating stories and legends and then let you immerse yourself in the ‘Nuragic life‘ thanks to the 3D viewers that you will wear to visit the @mostralubrandali.

La Maddalena archipelago

Discover our sea by motor ship (100/120 people) from 8.30 to 17.00 with lunch on board.

Navigation in the Bocche di Bonifacio area to reach the most beautiful coves and coasts of the Archipelago (guided tour in 3 languages, Italian, English, and French). Mooring at the beaches of S. Maria and Spargi and a swimming break. You will skirt the Pink Beach of Budelli, famous for its beauty and for having been the setting for some scenes from Michelangelo Antonioni’s film “Deserto Rosso”.

By motor boat (maximum 14 people)

Recommended for those looking for privacy and less crowding. From 8.30 to 17.00 with lunch on board.
Same route as the motor ship excursion.

By rubber dinghy (maximum 10 people)

For those seeking adventure and fun.
From 8.30 to 17.00 lunch not included. Stop at the Island of Spargi in Cala Corsara, Cala Granara, the island of Santa Maria to immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters.
Before returning, a stop will be made at the Port of the Madonna, between the three islands of Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli, where it is possible to admire and photograph the famous Spiaggia Rosa, swim in the waters of the Manto della Madonna, and enjoy a delicious aperitif.

On a sailing boat (maximum 14 people)

Recommended for expert sailors or for those who want to approach sailing for the first time.
From 8.30 to 17.00 with lunch on board.
Same route as the motor ship excursion.

Corsican archipelago

By motor boat (maximum 14 people)

From 8.30 to 17.00 with lunch on board.
Sailing towards Bonifacio to then reach Lavezzi Island. Stop for swimming and snorkelling Continue towards Isola Cavallo, a private and exclusive island where – weather permitting – you can stop for lunch. Finally, we continue towards the spectacular lagoon of Isola Piana, and stop for a swim in a very special stretch of sea with stupendous colours.

By rubber dinghy (maximum 10 people)

From 8.30 to 17.00 lunch not included.
Same route as the motor boat excursion.

Kayak excursion

An adventurous, fun and exciting way to experience the sea and the coast of Santa Teresa di Gallura, in contact with unspoiled nature and the wonderful landscapes that our area offers.
The duration varies from 2h to 3h, with a swim in crystal clear waters and a possible stop on the beach for an aperitif.

Discovering our Coastline

Ideal for those who want to discover the history of the Teresine coast in complete tranquility and privacy.

With @taphros_land_sea_experiences you will enjoy a wonderful day, immersing yourself in transparent waters and savouring typical products… a delicious aperitif will be offered to you on board.

Possibility of half-day excursion upon request.

Faro di Capo Testa

The Capo Testa lighthouse is one of the most evocative places in northern Sardinia. Through small paths that will lead you to the discovery of granite rocks shaped by the strong wind into incredible natural sculptures, you will arrive at the old lighthouse which dominates the Bocche di Bonifacio and the Valley of the Moon, a magnetic area that is full of energy. With a fantastic, ever-beautiful view, this is unmissable at sunset and during storms with huge waves crashing on the rocks. Perfect for those who love photography

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